Friday, August 4, 2017

3 months

Just had the 3 month mark....getting through each day, one day at a time.
Trying to stay on the Path of God...getting my strength from Him. and little miracle happen each day.
I had been scrimping and saving because I had a yearly bill coming up this first week of August...I had it but the last 20 dollars...God provided...I had sent a sample package to an old friend at the request of a second friend.  Unknown to me, the day of making my bank deposit, in the mail was the last $20....Praise God!

Now to start the scrimp for the property tax by the end of the year!
I have also been approached about a second part time job, doing if that is an open door from the Lord, it will happen in His time.

The shop business has been slowly growing each month, I hold on the the prophecy of 'Blessings are coming' and 'hold on'....David said that his original shop slowly grew until about the second year when it became profitable.  I pray for continued grace from my landlord, so I can keep the actual shop open to the public.

I have faith that is growing stronger with each passing day.  He is my source of strength, love, faith...He has never let me down.  If He has another husband for me, He will have to put him in my His way, in His timing.  In the meantime, He is my all....and even after, if there is a husband for me, I know that he will be sent from God, as God will be his priority also!

I am going to try to be better with writing this journal...hopefully!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

And here we go again!

Since my last post, my world has turned completely around, upside down, shaken and in a mess!
My husband took a turn for the worse and was back in hospital on Christmas Day...and after a multitude of tests it was determined that his kidneys were failing and his protein levels were shot.  He was started on dialysis immediately and then paracentesis was started on a weekly basis.  He went into rehab on Jan 24th and then came home from rehab on Feb 11th.  We got almost settled into a routine of dialysis on tues, paracentesis on wed, dialysis on thu, fridays recuperate, dialysis on sat...Sunday we were both just vegetables with Monday being my day to do house chores/run errands. Had a fistula installed the end of march with hopes of soon being able to do in-home dialysis.  However he developed a soreness in his fistula arm 3 weeks later, hospitalized and it was determined that his kidneys were gone, so he came home under Hospice care.  After getting him settled at home, we made the call to his family, who he had just reconnected with a month before.  His mom and oldest sister came to stay for a week.
Here's how God works.....He was ready to David to come home and begin his job in
There was one last thing on his mind, selling our utility trailer.
Thursday afternoon a couple came to look at it, made an offer, accepted the offer with the understanding that they would be back first thing Friday morning to make the $/title exchange.
His mom and sister left Thursday afternoon to return home for drs appointments and errands, with sister to return Friday afternoon.  The rest of his family was coming for a day visit Friday morning, to arrive around noon.
It was just the 2 of us at the house Thursday night, so we settled in for a 'night alone', knowing we were in a good place with what the Lord was doing.
He wanted to use the bathroom around 7am on Friday, and once I got him settled back in the bed and getting him comfortable, he took a labored breath, I asked are you okay?...and as he was taking another similar breath I ran to the head of the bed and saw the light going out of his eyes....I leaned in and said...I love you and tell Jesus I said hello! and with that he was gone.  He wanted to make his last journey from his own home, on his time and be just us....and it worked out.
The 'trailer' couple came by within an hour, the hospice nurse was there with me.  She stayed at the house while we took care of the bank/title stuff and called the funeral home.
He was at peace knowing that last concern was taken care of.....and the Lord will be my unfailing support!
David and I discussed me keeping the business going and we spoke about how the Lord will show His support with business growth and keep it growing.
I returned to work with several internet orders the first week and now this second week.  We have our wholesaler back in business in Clayton, NC and he placed an initial order and a second order came in yesterday!
I'm making product a little at a time, with the big hurdle of castile soap to be made later this week!  my first time of making this alone!
I pray for wisdom, strength, understanding and to stay in the perfect will of God throughout the rest of my journey on this earth before He calls me home to see all the loved ones before me!

Friday, December 2, 2016


Received a text from my 'sister from another mother' today with some OMG news.  Her husband of 7 years had a couple heart issues a few weeks ago, did some stent work and everything was fine on the heart front.  Today's new....he was back in hospital, diagnosed with advanced pancreatic and stomach cancer.  was going to home today, but started having an issue with the one kidney he has.  They are both Christians and know that everything is in the hands of God, our Father, but it is still a shock to hear/learn of his situation.
I know because I remember going through the exact same thing in September of 2006.  When they finally get the word, it's already for conventional medical routes to be a help.  With my first husband, we were told to start chemo immediately...and after they exhausted that route, we asked what would have happened IF he hadn't done chemo.  The doctor said, "You might would have seen Thanksgiving, but not Christmas".  He lived almost 9 months from the diagnoses.
The first week you go around in shock and trying to reason everything out....and then once that settles in, you start a routine of some sort to get through the day and cry on the way to and from work is the only steady routine in place.
and now I've been trying to call my husband (of 8 years) and he's not answering the phone!  It's been almost 9 months since his bypass surgery and he got tired of all the meds and how they were having a negative affect on his well-being, so he stopped all but the fluid pill.  He has been dealing with 'detoxing' from the med and getting all his feelings back (neuropathy), so he has the fidgets.  Anyway, we spoke around noon...then I get the text around 2 and have been trying to talk to him ever since.  and of course this is my late day at the shop!  another 50 minutes and then I'm out of here! Home and find out what's up with him?!?!?....rebuking the devil from my thoughts and having a difficult time of it.
Lord give me strength....I rebuke you devil, from my thoughts and my mind, I rebuke you right now, in the Name of are out of hear the NAME of JESUS....AMEN!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Last Day of the Eleventh Month

Today is November 30th.  It's been quite a year and we still have one more to go!
The shop is creeping along...making some money but not enough yet to support itself and us too!
But the Lord has provided again...we have GRACE from our landlord, THANK YOU GOD! and I found a great 'work from home' situation with a legitimate company.  there are so many 'work at home' claims, but to find one that is true and has growth potential is great.  I've only been doing it a few weeks, getting my feet wet and learning a lot.  It's a transcribing position and every job is different, which is really nice!  I work it 3 nights a week, for a few hours each night and get paid decent monies for the time I'm working.  As the holiday season moves on and the new year starts, I may change my schedule and add some early morning hours.
Enough about me....on to DH....after 8 months of recovery from his surgery, he was struggling with his meds.  We have been going through retraining ourselves in spiritual warfare and when this happens, you know the enemy is also going to make it a struggle!  He doesn't want to lose, even though he has already lost!  Anyway, in doing all this study and prayer, DH was unsure of how medicine and spiritual/physical healing mix....and they don't.  We have prayed for cleansing of both spirit and body and he has stopped all his meds.  They were starting to work against him anyway.  He developed a cough/wheezing and in researching all the meds he was on, the BP meds have a side effect of a cough, which indicates the body is saturated with the medicine and is trying to release it through the lungs.  He has been having some relief from all the coughing, but has times where it does rear it's head.  we are in constant prayer, putting on the whole armor of God....cause, let's face it...we are in the end times in this world.  Darkness is everywhere and it appears to be worse and worse everyday!
We have some friends/customers stop by for a visit a couple weekends ago...and they spoke about how upon entering our house they knew they were in the presence of the Holy Spirit!  That meant so much to us....we want our home to be that safe haven, protected by the Lord, we pray for the guardianship of the angels all around.
Today is a hard day....prayers!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

3 months

It's been 3 months since DH surgery...he is doing well, very well.  He has been doing the finishing touches on the studio, leaving him this morning to open the shop, he was working on the water line for the sink and getting the mini hot water heater in place.
Been making lists of initial projects I would like to start working on once we get the space finished and all the stuff moved in and put in place!  Will be fun opening all the boxes that have been packed for the last 2 years...hopefully everything survived!
I've been seeking the Will of the Lord in the direction that I am to start and take this new venture.  As the quote goes....
no dream is too small, no matter the time it takes to see it happen.  This has been a long time in the making.  My first husband, helped by giving me the space, money, time to 'play' and learn how/what/when on doing all the artistic things I enjoy doing.  The Lord blessed me with a wonderful second husband, that knows the 'business' end of making money from what one that is the next step.  Thank the Lord he has construction skills that allow us to keep costs way down on finishing the studio and then making any of the 'jigs' and other hand fixtures that I might need to make the process easier.  He is even looking forward to making some stuff himself!
off to work now....
Praise the Lord...
Blessings to all...

Friday, April 1, 2016

OMGoodness! It's been a long while!

Wow, where has all the time gone...August to April 1st!  let's see, making several short stories from a long time period!
Business:  Finished the remodel on the store building and opened for business first of December, getting customers almost every day, business is continuing to grow, with one set-back occurring during March. This involves the business, because it involved the homefront.
We sold our house back in NC, and were then free to look for a new 'permanent' home here in Conway.  Found it!  made an offer...offer accepted...issues with Title, after hearing the owner's story, we felt that we needed to plant a seed of faith and grace for them and took care of the title issue.  However during the move, DH took sick.  I rushed him to the hospital, they stabilized him, performed a heart cath and determined he had 3 blockages!  Rushed to the hospital (known for its' cardiac unit) in the next town, for bypass surgery.  Surgery was performed 2 days later, was in ICU for 3 days, then transferred to PC-ICU for another few days and then came home 8 days from surgery!  doing very well, I was able to reopen the shop after getting him settled in our new home, along with our new church family (which we had only just started going to just before surgery) moving us from our rental home to our new home!
home still in a mess of boxes, but IT'S OUR HOME!  
Looking forward to the new adventures that the Lord is placing in our path!
His hand has been guiding us throughout this whole episode and continues to do so.  The hardest step to take is that first step of full faith and trust in Him that He will take care of His Children!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Waiting on the Lord

been a while since I posted...lots going on.
We have gotten somewhat settled into the rental house and started the search for a store front.  Found a nice location, signed a lease the end of July and have been working on the retail space and the lab space of the building.  Been a busy couple weeks!  When I make the list of the 'done' list, it's amazing!
July 28, signed lease
July 29, began cleaning out the building and making plans
August 2, began painting outside, inside retail space, changing out the outdated 4' fluorescent lamp fixtures.
August 8, purchased laminate flooring to cover the carpet in the retail space
August 9, finished the outside decorative painting, started the inside decorative painting on the checkout counter. (interrupted this painting to begin flooring install)
August 13, finished installing flooring, erected the wall to close off the retail space
August 14....taking a break for a day of fishing (DH), while I clean the lab space and get ready to move the remaining lab inventory/materials to the store
We are waiting for inspections from the City, the Fire Dept and the Insurance carrier.  Prayers for passing these inspections are being prayed every day that goes by.
The local bank is working on a quote for providing Merchant Services for opening/running the store.
A local sign company is preparing a sign and will be doing our brochure/business cards.
We aim to use all local as much as possible.  Keeps the money in the area!
We love this area and can see it as our long term home...our final location until we pass from this world or the rapture, whichever comes first!
I say all this to refer back to my posting title...Waiting on the Lord...we have been doing just that, and because we have, all the pieces are falling into place, just in the right time...the Lord's timing, and we haven't tried to run out in front of Him...we are taking His Hand and going at His pace!