Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Business as usual...

well, we're still plugging along.  Work meeting tomorrow will tie up my entire day..and I won't get the chance to walk, unless I want to walk in the dark...nope!  will just play catch on Thursday.  Have began walking again...and will stick with it this time!  walk at a local community park, one lap equals 1/2 mile, making 3 laps so far and once my 'shin splints' have eased up, I'll increase it another lap.  not weighing myself, if weight loss occurs, then it occurs...if not, I know that i'm feeling better just getting out and having quiet, meditative time with myself and the Lord during our walk.  once I get down the speed thing, then I'll change over from walking music to audio Bible.
Hope to spend the rest of the week finishing up the house and then preparing for a short vacation in Myrtle Beach, looking at potential properties.  A dear friend is housesitting for us...the price...pick up some specialty yarn at the LYS and knit her some cushy slippersocks.  nice!
Been working on a business card for my potential craft business...will take one with me to get opinions!
Still having faith and praying that the Lord will show us our next step...we are looking for confirmation about the new realtor and which way we are to go.  We are still relying on the initial unction of making a move...and the initial unction of the move being to Myrtle Beach...now to wait on the sell of the house...I just don't feel that we are to make the move until we actually sell the house.  So Lord...let's move!  We think we're ready, but only you know that and what the future holds for us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rainy Day...looking for the silver lining

Rain, rain, rain.  Started a walking routine this week, managing 1 1/2 miles Mon and Tues.  Left for my walk this morning, knowing I was between rain clouds.  Got in my 2 minute warmup and then started my 30 minute walk...thunder & lightning started up.  Then the rain started while I was on the back side of the track (meaning the furthest point away from the car) when the lady on the ipod said...you have reached your halfway point, turn around and start back.  little did she know that I would have to run/walk back to the car...and then be drenched...so no shower to remove the morning walk sweat needed today!
Days like this, DH retreats to his man cave (the motorhome) and lets the rain lull him into a restfull sleep...and it works out fine today, with a friend coming by for her crochet lesson.
Tomorrow we are going to start on the house, with the suggestions from the new realtor...finish packing up and organizing the boxes that will remain in the garage until we ready to leave.
Got the Tahoe back from the shop...transmission leak repair on the rear seal, so now DH can test drive the utility trailer to check out the stability of his packing system.
also will be a list of the last little things that need completing...new outlet covers/caulking around baseboard, painting the trim/molding/baseboard, empty the 2 guest rooms/closets...
I am praying and having faith that we will be heading out for the start of our new life in Myrtle Beach before December.....but I also know that it will all occur in the Lord's timing.
Well, off to prepare for 'class'...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not alright, it is not yet the end!

a fantastic line from the movie...The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  (another Shawshank for me!)
God has a great sense of humor...I remember the saying...You want to hear God laugh, make plans!
So True....
Our contract with our current realtor has expired....lots of showings, no sale.  She phoned Sunday, stating the expiration and wanted to know if we wanted to extend, I told her no, that we were going to take a few weeks...do a quick camping trip, touch up jobs on the house and then start again maybe the first week of November.  She then stated that we shouldn't wait too long as the inventory of houses is at it's lowest in a long time...to which I discerned that was a distraction statement, hoping that I would extend my contract.  I had already discerned that with all the blessings that the Lord had sent our way, for some reason the commission for the sale of our house was not to be a blessing for her.  As I said, the contract expired on Friday...and first thing Monday morning...9am...we receive a call from the assistant of another realtor.  This realtor had phoned a couple times in the past few months, inquiring about the property but never brought anyone out to see it.  Anyway, she was aware of the expired contract and was wanting to talk to us about getting a contract with her.  I told her the same thing as Realtor#1...and she still insisted that she wanted to come for a visit and talk about the sale.  She lives in a similar situation as us...and knows exactly how to market this place.
Now to my title....a friend stated in an email this morning....it's a shame that Realtor#1 didn't make a sale for you....you would already be in Myrtle Beach, SC...
and I replied....yes, probably so, but we wouldn't have a motor home, a utility trailer or a Tahoe truck. All these blessing have come in the last 2 months....so we know it's not yet the end!
In the meantime, I've been:
setting up an etsy shop
prepping items for pics/descriptions/listings
learning/practicing facepainting
working on cleaning up our office area....now have a scanner...can get rid of loads of saved files!
more on all that to come!

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Shawshank Redemption....

Have you ever noticed that there is 'that movie' that no matter where it is in the running time, when you come across it while channel surfing, you STOP!  For my sister and her husband, it's the Shawshank Redemption.  For me...it could be almost any movie, but after awhile I just keep kicking on...well, I have now found my Shawshank....
The Way, Way Back!
Love It!  I watched it for the first time on HBO a few months ago...and you all know how HBO (or any of the 'premium' channels) does...replays, shuffles, replays...again and again.  Well, I did watch it a few time cause there is so much to the dialogue that you have to watch at least 2 or 3 times just to get all of it.
But more than that...it's an excellent coming of age movie, the dialogue, the soundtrack and the chemistry between all the actors.
but all that aside....I can see myself in his shoes.  Not the exact circumstances, but the same feelings of no self-worth.
Refreshing to see that we are all in the same boat, it's just how we handle everything.  Not getting any confirmations of self-worth at home, you find it somewhere else...and hopefully in the right place, in the right way.  For me, it was one particular family that I babysat for on a regular basis.  it was from them that I got a real sense of family and how just being in the family is enough, you didn't have to 'perform' to be worthy, you were loved just for being you....
enough said of that....back to the movie, cause you know...'careful, this car is just the right amount of shitty'....'gotta start having shorter conversations'...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Waiting....having Faith...having Patience

went through another house showing yesterday...the house has now been on the market for almost 6 months, lots of tours, no offers.
The inclination I am having, after much prayer and time with the Lord....let this contract lapse, finish up packing completely of all NON-essentials, do all the finishing touches on the house (touch up painting, caulking, cleaning and closing non-essential rooms), and get the motor home packed as if we are to actually live in it!
Then....make a decision about selling outright, renting to own, dividing property into 2 lots to sell each individually.  Only The Lord knows what he has planned for us....and the only part of that we know is that we are to live our lives more abundantly, more prosperously and all for His Glory.
A move to Myrtle Beach is in our hearts and minds, with a store site already in place....but the Lord will have to make a way.
In the meantime, life does go on....the weekend brings a family reunion, with loads of kids...I'll be practicing on facepainting...should be fun, having little canvases to play on.
Pecan pies to make and take....and speaking of pecan pies...I think I'll stop for now and get one made for DH...he loves them so!
cya soon

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's Try Again....with God's Blessing!

Here it is...the last day of September.  Need to reflect/review the past 6-8 months.
February, packed up all the 'stuff' that we wanted to keep and carry with us to our new life.
March, held an auction at the house, selling everything not nailed down.  Cleaned out everything, the attic, the garage...let go of all the old to make room for the new to come.
April, put the house on the market and father passed away from stage 4 prostate cancer, had spread to basically his entire body.
May, assisted aunt in babysitting mother until sister was ready for moving mother into her house
June, mother moved in with sister in Florida
July, began praying for direction.  Felt the Holy Spirit directing us to look at motor homes.  was a seed of an idea planted about making a move upon the sale of the house, that way we have a place in the interim to live without having to make a too-hasty move without the Lord's direction.  End of the month, found a motor home, excellent price, just the right size for us.  Then the concern about the items in storage and moving.
August, the first week was a road trip to North Dakota to visit son, daughter-i-l and the 3 grandkids.
upon returning home, the prayers for selling our second property came through.  and upon receiving the funds for the property sale, the prayers for a utility trailer for moving was answered...again with an excellent price, just the right size.  It was moved to the yard and we emptied our storage unit into it with room leftover for the rest of the house and the Anderson St. items!  Now the Lord had to provide a vehicle to be able to haul the utility trailer.....wait for it.....YES!, He provided...and very well. Again, a suv....just the right price and just the right size.  The price....the dealer had a price, DH counter-offered with a 'out the door' price.  The dealer agreed to the new price.  Well, to DH, 'out the door' price, would be let the starting price be the offer and then add the tax/tag/transfer/paperwork so it would probably be back to the original asking price.  To ME!, out the door...is out the door....the Lord again has blessed us with the out the door price, being my thought!  Thank you Lord...Our God is faithful and we praise Him daily.
So now all we have left to do....sell the house.  Our current contract runs out in 2 weeks....so our current realtor has 2 weeks to sell the house!  HAHAHA...the Lord will provide.  I know that in this world, He can make anything happen and does.  I know that He is getting everything in alignment for us....He knows what is coming and will have us in the right place for it!
Had our first camping trip this past weekend...DH got a real taste of it and loves it...so IF the plan is to live rv style for a while, we can do it....just have to rent 2 spots at a campground.  OR...the Lord may provide us a lot for purchase, with no restrictions, that we can set up on asap and then build a tiny house...only the Lord knows what is right around the corner and we are patient to wait on Him!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh Well!

Apparently if you take too long in making a new post and the website host gets an update, you get locked out of the original blog! Oh Well!  here we go again, and maybe this time we'll be more consistent in getting something done in black & white!  
We are now in mid-February and our new life is coming into reality!
We decided last November to begin looking at making a change...an opportunity to start again, a clean break from the old, a step into the new life.
The beach has always been a favorite place for us both and now we are going to make that dream come true.  
We've been maintaining our 20+ year old skincare line on the internet only for the last 5 years, but with this move, we are planning on reopening a small shop along with placing our product in a few boutiques in the area.
We are looking to scale down in the size of our home also.  Because I am trying to grow an accessory line with my craft work, a 2nd bedroom would be perfect for studio space for me.  And since we will be in a resort area, any overnight visitors will be able to have accommodations in any of the local hotels, with us spending the night also...heck, we need a break from home/business also!
As things get firmed up more, I'll be writing about them also.  
In the meantime, I might just toss on a few words every now and then to just throw an idea out there...
cya soon