Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh Well!

Apparently if you take too long in making a new post and the website host gets an update, you get locked out of the original blog! Oh Well!  here we go again, and maybe this time we'll be more consistent in getting something done in black & white!  
We are now in mid-February and our new life is coming into reality!
We decided last November to begin looking at making a opportunity to start again, a clean break from the old, a step into the new life.
The beach has always been a favorite place for us both and now we are going to make that dream come true.  
We've been maintaining our 20+ year old skincare line on the internet only for the last 5 years, but with this move, we are planning on reopening a small shop along with placing our product in a few boutiques in the area.
We are looking to scale down in the size of our home also.  Because I am trying to grow an accessory line with my craft work, a 2nd bedroom would be perfect for studio space for me.  And since we will be in a resort area, any overnight visitors will be able to have accommodations in any of the local hotels, with us spending the night also...heck, we need a break from home/business also!
As things get firmed up more, I'll be writing about them also.  
In the meantime, I might just toss on a few words every now and then to just throw an idea out there...
cya soon