Tuesday, November 25, 2014


it should be Thanksgiving everyday....and if you walk the walk of a Christian and follow the path of Jesus, it is full of Thanksgiving.
we sit here and moan about not selling the house yet...but as we look back, we see that each day is an opportunity to really get ready/be ready for when the Lord moves.  There is always something to be packing up/going through/donating/yard selling/etc....and this time has really given us time to think about where/how our future can be...and do we want to drag some of this stuff with us...NO!  It's a new life in the ever-renewing walk with God.
This purging is not only of physical items, but also spiritual baggage.  Those little voices that have no business being in your mind.  With daily repentance for things brought to mind, a cleansing is taking place...the more room there is for the Lord to fill with His Everlasting Love and Grace.
While writing today, I have Vicki Yohe, 'I Just Want You' album playing.  Amazing, every song has a place in my heart....
Nobody knows me better than You....Nobody loves me more!  Yes, Lord!
The day has brought in several orders...the Lord is hearing our prayers about increasing our territory, prosper our efforts....off to make products...

Thursday, November 20, 2014


A friend posted on her FB page the following:

"There comes a moment when you must decide that you are going to believe in yourself.  There is nothing more validating than belief in yourself and your abilities.  If you believe you have the power, the power is yours."

Amen and Amen!
I've come to this realization this year for myself also!  I know that whatever I set my mind to do, I've always been able to do.
This past year has been a growing year for me...in my relationship with the Lord God, my Father. and coming into the knowledge and understanding of His Love for me...a Perfect Love.
Now learning to live in contentment whether in plenty or in lacking.
Thanking God for learning the value of life and having patience with us simple humans!
It is now almost a year since we felt the unction that it was time for us to make a move and open a store for the God-anointed skincare line we have.
In that year, we have learned alot about our walk with the Lord and learning more everyday to live with/by FAITH!
His Blessings have been pouring out to us, and we know it is in preparation for making this move, or else why is there a utility trailer and a motor home in our yard...getting packed and ready to move.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Chill in the Air...

It is forecast to be in the 50's tomorrow, after being in the upper 70's today...with a further cool down, freezing at night.
Today was another day of work, with a little house maintenance in the middle.  we had noticed that the water pressure was wavering for a few days, which was not normal.  this morning's shower was getting weaker and weaker, so we checked...the bladder tank apparently had finished its' life.  It had been a good life, being in use for 20 years...almost to the day!
just another house item that has been repaired/replaced since we decided that we were to make a move.  Now the new owners will not have to wonder about the water pump, the bladder tank or the A/C unit.
Call today from an interested party, one of their questions...how flexible are you about moving?...we are ready...and can be out in 2-3 weeks if needed.
that's a nice thing to be....practically ready!
Guess we'll have a good discussion tomorrow about moving and all the options available.  do we go ahead and rent a storage unit and move some of the 'store' stuff...move whatever we can get the Tahoe and the Van to hold in one trip...
is that the reason we haven't sold the van yet?  is it to help us get the first leg of the move completed?
The latest discussion about the move....setting priorities....with the motor home, we have a place to live in the short term...maybe the first action should be set up a booth at a local flea market to sell the products, along with looking a small commercial site for setting up a lab.  while looking around for a house....
We pray...discuss....pray...mediate on it...pray...discuss.  Waiting on that Perfect Will of God, our Father.

Friday, November 7, 2014

a couple weeks, a couple changes

did the trip to NMB, SC...found several possibilities for a new home and a couple places for business opportunities.  came home to several calls about the house.
Now we are waiting upon the Lord.  In our conversations and meditations with each other and with God, we know to have patience, all works for the Glory of God.
As the movie title says....The Good, The Bad and The Ugly....
there is the Wills of God
If patience/prayer/meditation are the course, then waiting for the Perfect Will of God is what will bring the best praise for God and the best blessing for us, then by all means wait on the Lord.
as our conversations go, DH and I know that MB, SC is where we are to go, but the timing of the move is in His Hands.
DH tells of times that he knew the direction God was sending him in...he ventured out on his journey, and then got excited/distracted and traveled further than he should have.  And when pausing to ask God, 'where are you, you sent me this way?'...and God responds.."I know, I sent you this way, but not this far, you got ahead of me and are now lost in the way, WAIT for me, and We will take this journey together and I'll show/give you sights as never before.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dreams and possibilities...

So we're off tomorrow to MB for a mini-vacation...while there we are looking at several properties, all over the area, from just east of Conway to NMB.
We feel/know that this is the area that the Lord is putting us, but for what type of future we're not sure of.  A brick & mortar store again?...maybe.  or a smaller scale of using the utility trailer as a 'mobile store' to be used at local flea markets/craft fairs/bazaars?...maybe.  or just simply put our products in several of the local boutiques.
I'm praying for the Holy Spirit to give us the nudge when we are in the 'right house'...of the 6-8 we have scheduled to see.  and the 'right house' is available for us when we get the current house sold.
We put a couple signs out ourselves for the house and had 2 families stop by the same day for a tour of the house/property.  The 'new' realtor phoned also to schedule a meeting with us for a new contract.  We left her a message about being on this trip and will get together once we return, probably on Friday.  Who knows, maybe the Lord will work a miracle and one of the original families will make an offer while we are gone and the new realtor will only have to deal with paperwork.  that would be fantastic and i know it is not beyond the reach of our Lord.  With Him, ALL things are possible! Must have FAITH!
will take a couple yarn projects with me...a nook with a few downloaded movies...sketch book for working on the cover of DH's book about Leviathan.  DH wants to spend some time in the ocean, getting his wet suit wet...lol...and then some relaxing in the hot tub.  found a bathing suit on clearance, so I might venture in the hot tub.  would be a restful time, just letting the warm water get the body warmed through!  maybe a night or two of dancing at a couple of the local clubs...
have an errand to run to visit the LYS for some yarn for the housesitter's special request slippers.
plenty of things to do/see/try...but will be relaxing to do them all also...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Business as usual...

well, we're still plugging along.  Work meeting tomorrow will tie up my entire day..and I won't get the chance to walk, unless I want to walk in the dark...nope!  will just play catch on Thursday.  Have began walking again...and will stick with it this time!  walk at a local community park, one lap equals 1/2 mile, making 3 laps so far and once my 'shin splints' have eased up, I'll increase it another lap.  not weighing myself, if weight loss occurs, then it occurs...if not, I know that i'm feeling better just getting out and having quiet, meditative time with myself and the Lord during our walk.  once I get down the speed thing, then I'll change over from walking music to audio Bible.
Hope to spend the rest of the week finishing up the house and then preparing for a short vacation in Myrtle Beach, looking at potential properties.  A dear friend is housesitting for us...the price...pick up some specialty yarn at the LYS and knit her some cushy slippersocks.  nice!
Been working on a business card for my potential craft business...will take one with me to get opinions!
Still having faith and praying that the Lord will show us our next step...we are looking for confirmation about the new realtor and which way we are to go.  We are still relying on the initial unction of making a move...and the initial unction of the move being to Myrtle Beach...now to wait on the sell of the house...I just don't feel that we are to make the move until we actually sell the house.  So Lord...let's move!  We think we're ready, but only you know that and what the future holds for us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rainy Day...looking for the silver lining

Rain, rain, rain.  Started a walking routine this week, managing 1 1/2 miles Mon and Tues.  Left for my walk this morning, knowing I was between rain clouds.  Got in my 2 minute warmup and then started my 30 minute walk...thunder & lightning started up.  Then the rain started while I was on the back side of the track (meaning the furthest point away from the car) when the lady on the ipod said...you have reached your halfway point, turn around and start back.  little did she know that I would have to run/walk back to the car...and then be drenched...so no shower to remove the morning walk sweat needed today!
Days like this, DH retreats to his man cave (the motorhome) and lets the rain lull him into a restfull sleep...and it works out fine today, with a friend coming by for her crochet lesson.
Tomorrow we are going to start on the house, with the suggestions from the new realtor...finish packing up and organizing the boxes that will remain in the garage until we ready to leave.
Got the Tahoe back from the shop...transmission leak repair on the rear seal, so now DH can test drive the utility trailer to check out the stability of his packing system.
also will be a list of the last little things that need completing...new outlet covers/caulking around baseboard, painting the trim/molding/baseboard, empty the 2 guest rooms/closets...
I am praying and having faith that we will be heading out for the start of our new life in Myrtle Beach before December.....but I also know that it will all occur in the Lord's timing.
Well, off to prepare for 'class'...