Sunday, March 22, 2015

3 weeks later!

In 3 weeks time we have:
rented our house through a property management company
moved into 2 rooms of our lab facility
started the loan process with a local bank
the tenant family moved in last week...nice to have LIFE of the the form of kids-babies-dogs-goats, with chickens to come soon!  Already they have adopted us as grandparents!  Lovely!
Next on the agenda:
get the 'tiny house' organized for the short term
hear back from the bank
determine where we are going to set up a new home and new shop
plan a vacation...the first in 5 years!
ALL cloaked under the Will of God, our Father.
Oh us as we seek to follow Your Lead and Your Desires for us....we want to be in the Perfect Will of You!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Time flies....a lot when you're busy!

Hard to believe but it's been a month since I last posted.  and what a month it has been.  The couple from Florida are now going to lease the house until they can qualify for a mortgage...while we are looking at purchasing a building in a nearby town, with a 'work & live' option available with some work to the place.
going through all the hoops/whistles/bells for purchase offer/loan offer/building inspections-capabilities....all with a deadline of April 15th.  in the meantime, we are going to live in the old trailer and motor home until we have the building ready!
Our Lord has been working very hard, getting everything in alignment for us to make this step into our new life.  House/Loan/Building/Moving...all to occur within 90, to get a shop open before the summer really kicks in and the tourists make stops off I-95 for a quick visit to town!?!
Lord, give us the strength to get the things we need to get done each day...Keep us safe with all the moving/building/setting up...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Birthday Eve....

another year is almost at an end for me.  Birthday tomorrow.
a very nice couple came by the house today, looked everything over, seemed to like what they saw, said they would chat over things and give us a call....hmmm.  maybe?
they are our age and for once during the conversation, DH didn't go into his...this is a working farm property and you should be able to work it as such...conversation.  I'm proud of him, have been telling him that we should be concerned about what new owners want to do with the property, it will be longer ours or our concern.  we are making headway in letting go of that thought, there have been prospective buyers in the past that DH has told them that they were too old and this place wasn't for them....he didn't say anything along those lines today...i'm happy!
IF he is truly ready to let go, then the new owners can and should be anyone who comes here with check in hand to buy the place.  Not someone who meets his criteria....finally I think he is getting it.
now on to the birthday!  not sure, but I have been getting the unction that now is the time...instead of the "I'll start on Monday" routine, I'm starting in the morning.
Begin the day with dry body brushing, walk for a mile or so, shower, then start the daily routine of morning devotion/breakfast/DEP work/craft work/lab work/normal day. and then a dry brushing before bed.  oh, and plenty of green tea/water/detox tea.  haven't had a soft drink in a couple weeks, now I really could go for a Pepsi...but I'll wait!...and speaking of tea, I have one that has finished steeping, let's go get it...
have a great afternoon!

Monday, January 26, 2015

The End of the First Month of the New Year

Here we are almost at the end of January.  The year so far...we got an offer on the house, but it was an offer that was for a lease to buy option...we worked on it for a few weeks, trying to come to some sort of an agreement, but nothing could be worked out.  Any $ would have to be put into an escrow account, which did us no good.  A complete sale would be best for us...then we could leave here, start our new life with a new house and no looking back, or any ties remaining to the property.
We are waiting for the Lord to bring us the right buyer, until then we work towards being ever the more ready to leave.
I've been making jewelry, mostly bracelets, but not doing any sales at the Flea Market, as every weekend has been a rain soak day! so I'm making for the day we open a shop.
we did make the trip to SC, got our sales license with the state...had a day with the Mid-Winter SOS weekend.  checked out several locations....
we feel the unction that we are to
Sale the house...a complete/final sale
Find a smaller house, with a garage in NMB
open a boutique in the EUTS market
begin our new life with a new home, decorated slowly with our joint decisions
be available for some vacation time with the motor home
That's our prayer and we are sticking to it!
DH had a good birthday....I surprised him with 3 gift cards...Applebees, Olive Garden, Red Lobster!
so he is a happy camper!

Monday, December 29, 2014

December, the end of the year, memories of a friend that is no longer with us...

December is a hard month for us.  Because of the Christian life we are striving to live, we do not 'celebrate' the holidays.  Research shows that the Christmas holiday is originally a pagan holiday around the winter solstice.  It was a way of merging the Christian with the pagan, making it easier to swallow for the merging traditions.  not for us.  Besides it also all about family, we have no immediate family in the area, so it's just the two of us.
The house is still on the market, with inquiries almost daily.  One of these days, the appointed buyer will walk through the door and give us a check.
In the meantime....
DH is writing a book and I have begun creative work again.
We spent a weekend at the local Fairground Flea Market, selling some of the last of the 'unwanted' items from the house.  Did rather well, having sold almost all of it, the little remaining items we took by the Salvation Army shop as a donation.
Anyway, while sitting there under our little tent, we chatted about me unpacking my jewelry/knitting items and raw materials, spend a few hours of each day getting my imagination set free...and when I get a small stockpile, spend Saturdays at the Flea Market selling the finished items.  The rent is only $25/day and would be a way to get some exposure and some critique of my items.
We started this almost immediately and I'm getting a stockpile started.  Now for the weather to cooperate.
We met a nice couple, living off the grid, this past summer, while camping at the Fairground campground.  They have returned to town for the winter and phoned to let us know they were in town and wanted to plan a visit.  Nice!
Now for the sad news....just rec'd word of the passing of a former co-worker.  We worked together, starting in 1979, until the plant closed in 2000.  We saw each other through divorce/childbirth/death/good times and bad.  She will be sorely missed by all whose lives she touched.  RIP SD...1956-2014.  I was told that she had slipped away in her sleep.  I know that there were times of great despair and trouble in her past, and to be fortunate to slip away peacefully is a blessing for her and her family.  Thoughts and prayers to the family.  I have the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie playing in the background.  As I am writing this, the scene where Graham Dashwood has passed and the Heron bird is flying away...brings sadness & joy for her spirit is now free.
With the end of December and the end of 2014 just a few days away...all this makes one reflect on your own life and where you are with God, family, loved in general.
I want to strive for a New Year's resolution....which I never do...but I want to make a point to write more.  Having my voice stifled for the most of my life, I'm getting it back and hopefully with a vengeance...DH says that I need to write and let out all the thoughts/musings/opinions that only he has been privileged to hear!
so here's to more writing!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


it should be Thanksgiving everyday....and if you walk the walk of a Christian and follow the path of Jesus, it is full of Thanksgiving.
we sit here and moan about not selling the house yet...but as we look back, we see that each day is an opportunity to really get ready/be ready for when the Lord moves.  There is always something to be packing up/going through/donating/yard selling/etc....and this time has really given us time to think about where/how our future can be...and do we want to drag some of this stuff with us...NO!  It's a new life in the ever-renewing walk with God.
This purging is not only of physical items, but also spiritual baggage.  Those little voices that have no business being in your mind.  With daily repentance for things brought to mind, a cleansing is taking place...the more room there is for the Lord to fill with His Everlasting Love and Grace.
While writing today, I have Vicki Yohe, 'I Just Want You' album playing.  Amazing, every song has a place in my heart....
Nobody knows me better than You....Nobody loves me more!  Yes, Lord!
The day has brought in several orders...the Lord is hearing our prayers about increasing our territory, prosper our to make products...

Thursday, November 20, 2014


A friend posted on her FB page the following:

"There comes a moment when you must decide that you are going to believe in yourself.  There is nothing more validating than belief in yourself and your abilities.  If you believe you have the power, the power is yours."

Amen and Amen!
I've come to this realization this year for myself also!  I know that whatever I set my mind to do, I've always been able to do.
This past year has been a growing year for my relationship with the Lord God, my Father. and coming into the knowledge and understanding of His Love for me...a Perfect Love.
Now learning to live in contentment whether in plenty or in lacking.
Thanking God for learning the value of life and having patience with us simple humans!
It is now almost a year since we felt the unction that it was time for us to make a move and open a store for the God-anointed skincare line we have.
In that year, we have learned alot about our walk with the Lord and learning more everyday to live with/by FAITH!
His Blessings have been pouring out to us, and we know it is in preparation for making this move, or else why is there a utility trailer and a motor home in our yard...getting packed and ready to move.